Alignment Get Geometry

Hello everyone.

I am having issues when I try to get the geometry from one alignment in Dynamo for Civil 3D. This is a node that it used to work for me but currently, it is not working properly in the drawing. Does anyone know what is going on? Please find the DWG if any consult is needed.

@mzjensen I saw in another post how you get the geometries from alignment subentities. Please, could you share a screenshot with the nodes to be used? Many thanks.

Thank you.

check name layer

Hi @JMCiller,

This node is kind of a tricky one. The ‘layer’ input acts a like a filter to choose which alignment subentities to get the geometry of. For example, in most cases you probably just want the lines, arcs, and spirals, but then there are also the line extensions, curve extensions, etc. that are also valid geometries. So the trick is to look in the alignment style. By default the layer filter is for C-ROAD, but in your case, the style is a using a layer called C-ALGN-HOR_-____-C3D_.



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