Structure Compound to revit schedule

I’ve extracted the info from a wall type family/structure compound with the help of a few other post, now how do I get this info into a revit schedule? sorry if this dosn’t make sense, i’m a total noob to dynamo.

A Revit schedule requires something to schedule. You can’t just schedule wall parts within Revit natively so you can’t use Dynamo to do it either. There are work arounds. You could place a family instances to act as data containers with little no no real geometry on a hidden workset in a grid pattern, an x value for every wall type and a y value for every layer of each wall type. Then you could write parameter values to those elements, and then schedule the places elements filtering and sorting elements accordingly. But I’m not sure that’s a good idea as they would be very cumbersome to fix. You could also consider a key schedule as another alternative but that’s got its own issues.

What is your end goal here? Can you post a ‘I want this’ image?

You can definitely schedule parts

end goal would be a schedule of all wall types in this format:

I believe the parts method would require creating parts for each wall type and setting them to the correct order. Worth exploring the time to execute.

That said this won’t produce the type of graphic you’re after.

The image uploaded isn’t a schedule, but more of a legend view with a tag and a written series of notes about the wall. One option to achieve this: Read the wall construction as before, joining the results for each layer of the wall with a carriage return. Then create a text note on a legend view using each string as the input for text value. The tag can be also be created with Dynamo assigning the value read from the wall type as well.

I got this result:

Using a multiline text type parameter I set the parameter as shown on the dynamo screenshot.
Then schedule the walls in Revit using Type and the text parameter

This is the python for converting the numbers from the nested lists to strings:

thanks guys, i’ll give it a shot.

viktor, i’ve got the dynamo script, which looks good (i think). can’t get it into a parts schedule. i’ve added a shared & project parameter to the project.

I used a Wall Schedule and added a Type Parameter (multiline text) to the walls. It should be able to work with a shared parameter as well if it’s multiline text.

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viktor, do you know why my list is coming out like (1), but i want it to come out like (2)

What do you mean?

my schedule is coming out like this

Here is the dyn:
add wall layers to wall.dyn (10.2 KB)

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Hey Viktor! I’m Trying to use your script, but I seem to have a problem. I’m thinking maybe it’s a compatibility issue (I have Dynamo 1.3.1). The Wall.GetMaterialLayers node gives a warning that I would translate as “Reminder: transformation of types impossible to transform”. After that it’s albo a series of errors. Are you please able to help me?

I tried to tackle the problem of listing wall layers with the noides from the clockworks package, but they seem to have gotten completley crazy in the newer Dynamo versions, obsolete maybe. Maybe it’s a good idea to go back to an older version of dynamo?