StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve Archi-lab node

Hey Guys, I’m trying to draw structural framings using lists of curves…
but Archi-lab node is having trouble…


I cant understand what this means…

have you tried the OOTB node ? in Revit - Element - Structural Framing- BeamByCurve ?

Thanks khuzaimah,
what is “OOTB node”?
are you saying this?

I already tried it…
but the result was so bad…
someone has rotated, someone has disappeard.

I already asked this so many time:sweat_smile:
but many of users recommend using points
however, I have to make structural framing… I
we cannot make structural framings by using points, right?
so I’m finding another way to make structural framing…

Tunnel Structural Framings_V.0.0.18 By Jicaprio_Import Families by path that their length has defined by Excel AdaptiveComponents.dyn (275.6 KB)Linings (3.5 MB)

Civil Report_안성방향 V0.0.11.xlsx (686.1 KB)

try the line.direction node to see if all lines are pointing in the same direction.

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Thanks, Marcel
I checked line.direction, but the line I drew is curve.
maybe line.direction node is only for direct line…

OOTB mean out of the box, in other word the built-in node in dynamo library, i just notice that you have 230 curve with 229 type, yo have to make the equal.
and if you use the OOTB node what is the message you got?

@Mu_Jica - can you post the full data set (rvt, dyn, etc)? It’s hard to see what/where the issue lies. There are a nearly infinite possibilities and we’re stuck guessing otherwise. I’d you can’t post the full data set, build a fake one that matches the problems you’re seeing.

You have asked about this a few times so I’ll step up to help out.

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Oh, I did not know that I would ask you again for help.
Your advice has been a great help, and I have tried to do it, but there are still some areas that I have not solved so I can create a topic again.
The files are so large to upload,
I uploaded in googledrive.