Structural model

Hello Everyone,
I have modeled an element with Dynamo and imported it into Revit, and now I want to do static calculations with this element. My problem is that my model is not a structural model. I wanted to know how to create a structural model in Dynamo from my previous model.

your post is very vague and will be hard to answer without some examples or context, please elaborate further for help.

Yes, I will definitely explain more, I have created a model in Dynamo

I want to import this element into SOFiSTiK software for static calculations, but I get an error that says my model is not a structure. I want to structure my model in Dynamo.
Through these block codes, my model enters the Revit software. And here I tried to analyze my model by changing the category, which I also encountered a problem here.

But when I use the following figure, my model does not enter Revit structurally.

I suggest you get the “Spring Nodes” package and use their ‘FamilyInstance.ByGeometry’ node. This will bring your dynamo geometry into the Revit project as a family instance.

Alternatively if you need some sort of structural element to run analysis. I am not sure if the method I am suggesting will work.

Unfortunately, this block code did not help me either. I was able to create a family, but again, the element does not recognize me as a structural element.