Structural framing members extending beyond curve

Hello all,

I am new to Dynamo. This is the first test project I am working on. I wanted to create a canopy that has HSS framing following 2 curves I drew in Revit.

It worked great for the beams that run between the two curves but beams following the curve on either side of the canopy don’t stop where the curve ends and gets extended for a couple more feet. What could be the reason for that?

Looks like this is associated to the element joins - try adding a waitFor method and create the curved edge 1, then curved edge 2, and then another WaitFor method to make the cross members.

It really was about element joins! I don’t know what waitFor method means, I tried googling it but it may be too complicated for my level. However, I found a node called StructuralFraming.Disallowjoins under the BIM4Struct package. I ran everything through that node and that resolved the issue. Thanks for pointing me at the right direction!

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A WaitFor method is one of many ways which delays passing the input into node C until the output from node A has been calculated, by placing the WaitFor node as node B. The desired input for node C is passed as one variable into the WaitFor method, and the output of node A as the other.

One such example of this can be found in the clockwork package, or you can use design script like this: [resultsOfA,inputToC][1];