Structural Framing - Disable Automatic Miter


I have a fairly basic Dynamo script to generate wall framing from a model curve.

Everything is working well other than the fact that when the Structural Framing is created in Revit, the corners automatically miter, which is in fact not how wood-framed walls are built.

Anyone know how I can either turn off the Beam/Column joins in the script or somehow turn them off for the entire project?

Thank you.

Hi @nkaylor and welcome, not sure if you are using a curtain wall and you are calling it “Structural framing” or if it’s a loadable “Structural Framing family”, can you elaborate more on what you are using or share the Revit file/ family?

Hello @Elie.Trad, thanks for the reply.

I am using actual Structural Framing revit elements for the wood framing. We have some automated equipment and this family type works best for converting to machine code.

I’ll attach an image with more info.