Framing Stud Wall Family

I need some help with this family,

I am in a process of creating a Stud Family I have it set up when the Wall Length increase or decrease it will add or remove equal spacing studs (18 O.C.)

I notice after closing then opening the family again it does not remove the current studs walls. it will have duplicate elements. after increasing or decreasing the length. But sometimes it is a hit or miss if it will work or not.

Is there a way to solve having this sometimes change the right way?

Right now I have a Dynamo Select Model Element of the instance Parameter Dimension but once I load the family in a Revit project and change the length it does not update. Is they a script to update the stud framing family to update when increasing the length?

I will include the Dynamo script and the Revit family to help visualize the process.

I want to create a Stud Framing Plan for my company with these families in the long run. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Stud Array.dyn (41.7 KB)
Extruded Wall.rfa (1.5 MB)

This is element binding. Have a look at this thread: Element Binding in Revit.


Thanks i will look into the thread you posted.


I read through your thread and it’s really great information. I also watched your Training on the Element Binding as well really good.

I guess I don’t know where to begin with creating an Element Binding when I trying to create a parametric Stud family. Then move the family in a project while keeping everything parametric When making a change it update the number of stud family.

Any suggestions?

Or is this going to be too complex of a script?

First thought:
Why not build it as a repeating linear family instead?

Second thought, more of a philosophical point really, is that you’ll likely learn a LOT MORE by trying and failing (to some extent) than tackling something that is a gimme. Your journey into this way of working should be focused on not just making a tool, but changing how you think about design. keep that in mind as you pick out what to do, but try not to only tackle extreme stuff - you can burn out that way.

Third thought: Totally doable, but you need to plan it and remember you will want to do this in stages. Make it work without worry of binding on some of your edge cases (IE: what if the wall is curved? Slanted? Curved and slanted. What if there is a window in it? A pipe? Changing thickness? Etc.). The element binding can come into play from there. If you just want to avoid binding you can always use only Dynamo Player or a Function.Apply method to avoid bindings. That isn’t very parametric though, so appending new curves to an existing list is likely a better fix to help keep the bound elements in place, allowing a parametric fix by rerunning the graph.