Structural Analysis for Dynamo: AnalyticalBar.ByLine no work

Has anyone had this package work on 0.7.5? I can only produce null from the node AnalyticalBar.ByLine, which seems to be the basis for much in this workflow. I’ve tried with Lines, Curves, Sublists and Flattened. No luck.


I’ve tried several versions, but the 0.7.4 version is the only compatible one it seems. And they even released an updated version of structural analysis a week ago or something, no luck with that either…

havard, but your picture is defintely missing a flatten.

this corresponds with the node’s error message … not an array() = list

Thank you for trying the Structural Analysis package and reporting this issue !

In fact there are two issues here.

  1. Curve is not supported on the current version of this package. Only Line object could be used as input for the node AnalyticalBar.ByLine

To pass a curve to RSA, an option is to extract Start and End points and use the node AnalyticalBar.Bypoints.

  1. We haven’t yet exposed a node to create a list of bars based on a list or an array of lines. As Peter mentioned, you need to use a flatten node here.

This package is an alpha/labs version and we are looking for your feedback to improve it. Feel free to share as well on the dedicated beta forum your thoughts, comments and issues.





Guys, thanks. To my own defense, I had already tried Flatten and Lines instead of Curves, but the main issue was highlighted to me by Dimitar Venkov; Structural Analysis for Dynamo today only runs on Dynamo Sandbox, not Revit-Dynamo. This is obviously a major workflow issue that I hope will be resolved. This is also documented here: Dynamo + Robot (+ Rhynamo!)

Anyway, thanks guys. I have this working now:

Revit + Dynamo + RSA gives this:

So it should work…