Structural Analysis for Dynamo: AnalyticalBar from a curve?


Hi all,

I’ve been using the Structural Analysis for Dynamo package to push a truss geometry into RSA for analysis.

In the above image, I’ve used the AnalyticalBars.byCurves node for the top and bottom chords of the truss, but on investigation this just captures the start point and end point and not the intermediate points. In the RSA workspace the top and bottom chord appear to be horizontal and not curved as intended.

Does anybody know of any similar nodes or packages that will allow me to more accurately link my geometry into RSA?

Thanks in advance,


What file format does RSA require?


Hi Julian,

I’ve had a .dyn file open at the same time as RSA and by pressing run this has allowed my geometry from Dynamo Studio to load within RSA.

Unfortunately I’m not able to share my script because I am a new user but hopefully this screenshot highlights the problem I’m having a little more clearly. The top and bottom chord of my truss are not curved within RSA as intended. I used the AnalyticalBars.byCurves node from the Structural Analysis for Dynamo design package within my script for these members.


This is problem with RSA. You have to divide top and bottom beams. RSA has problems with connecting slanted elements - they have to be divided and connected in nodes.


Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for your help. I have now connected each point and created individual lines for the beams in each bay of the truss.


Your original plan should however work for trusses with horizontal top/bottom beams :wink: