String Weirdness

Hello all,

I’m currently working in Revit 2014, so my Dynamo version is sitting at 0.7.5.

I’m having a bit of weirdness in the following situation - and was wondering if anyone can either help this particular approach or offer an alternative.

By all accounts, to my knowledge, what I’m doing should work. But it’s not.

Your first list consists of the numbers?

What I’m doing is paring the ‘Room Number’ with the ‘Door Number’ … but kind of in reverse - each ‘Room’ has a few doors associated with it. I just need to create a checker that pulls out any instance of a ‘Door Number’ that doesn’t contain the ‘Room Number’ within it (Prefixes of ‘D’ for Door and ‘AP’ for Access Panel etc).

My thought process was to simply feed in the Door Numbers into a ‘String.Contains’ node, and then the room numbers - and if the door number contains it, hit true. I would then follow up with an AnyTrue and FilterByBooleanMask to output the required data.

Hi Solamour,


I hope I understood your problem well (sorry if I didn’t) . Here is a solution that seems to be doing what you want. It uses the node List.ChopByLengths from the Clockwork package 0.7.5 .


Please let me know if that works for you.

Ah brilliant, I hadn’t thought of doing that - and should have. Many thanks!

I’ll continue on with that methodology and see how I go.

Glad it helped !