Stirrups distribution in a beam using a path

Hi All,
I’m a new user of dynamo and I want to create stirrups distrubition in a beam using Structural design package according this video DiRoots Dynamo Package - Structural Rebar…I began my script and I got stuck at the step of creating the distribution by shape and path and I didn’t know which node to use??

Help me pls.


Can you please take a look to my post?


The 1:46 mark of the video you linked shows where to find the node in the library.


I’m using Structural design package not DiRoots Package and I dont find which node contain polycurves shapes and I dont know how to create polycurves and use them


Why not use the diroots package? You’re reinventing the wheel which will cost you more time and effort.

One possibility woudl be a Curve.CoordinateSystemAtSegmentLength and a Geometry.Transform node to shift from one coordinate system to another.

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