Staggered Stepped Facade Guidance

I am in the process of creating a facade to a project and have run into a problem my Dynamo skills are unable to solve.

I need to create a facade made from large 1200x1200 tiles and Small 300x300 tiles. Like in the image below.

I have started the script by placing instances of the tiles at a list of points, the problem occurs when I get to the ends of the row or column and the tile need to be trimmed by the boundary of the facade. I just require a bit of guidance, I have a feeling I should be looking at selecting a face first and then using it a a boundary for my placement points?

The tiles also have a pattern of different heights as well, but I am fairly comfortable writing that into the script, once I have the layout sorted.
Thanks for any help,

As the trimmed tiles too seem to have four corners, it may want to consider creating sub lists containing corner points of each tile and using a four point Adaptive Component family.

This will need to be worked on if it needs to adapt to different shapes, sizes or surfaces.
stagger.dyn (4.2 KB)


Thanks Vikram, this will be an excellent start for the facade. I will have a play and post up the final product.

Due to time constraints I had to get a little “Old School” and created a curtain panel pattern based component hosted onto a divided surface rotated to allow for the stepping. I used Dynamo for the materials and tile heights. It did the job for the submission this afternoon.

I am still going to finalise an all Dynamo workflow because I imagine that this will not be the last time I will have to use a pattern like this.