Placing roof tiles on on existing roof with Gap

Hello Everyone…
I am really new to the dynamo and not having advance knowledge like people are in here…
I want to place roof tile (Adaptive) with small gap on sloped roof. I tried but its far away from my knowledge.
I hope someone can help me to figure it out… Thanks guys …
As I saw this forum is really helpful to learn Dynamo


Is the grid in your image representative of the shape of your tiles? And do you have to use adaptive components for this exercise? They are kind of heavy on memory


could this be achieved with a sloped glazing and the curtain panels can be offset and made to be whatever material you want, but the edges could be a problem.

even with adaptive components you will need a 4 point for the field, a 3 point and even a 5 point depending on how it ends at the edge.

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Could it be done? Sure.

Likely easier to build (as noted be @Mark_Rainville you’ll have to place 7 different adaptive component families as your plane doesn’t limit itself to the tessellated shape of the tile), and on your system (as noted by @Renzoj14 adaptive components use a TON of memory as they recalc all the time) if you just use dynamo generated geometry and create family instances rather than placing adaptive components.


@JacobSmall I tried to use dynamo to array the family. Because of the slope I couldn’t figure out a way. :cold_sweat:

Thank you @Renzoj14 I will forget the idea about adaptive families …

@Mark_Rainville I think paneling will work. but I am having hundreds of roofs and designs are revising most of the times. Dynamo might be a good solution. But no idea how to use it for this :disappointed_relieved:

Start by reviewing the Dynamo Primer. I’ll try and find time to do a diamond pattern panelization example this week. Lunchbox has some useful nodes for this.

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