Stacked walls


How do you filter stacked walls, I don’t see them in categories. Is there a way to filter them like, select walls that are not curtain walls and basic walls?

Hi @Cem_Altineller

Just Simply use Stacked Walls category or use code block OST_StackedWalls-> Category.ByName node.

Why don’t I have it?:slight_smile:

I’m using Revit 2015 and Dynamo version 1.2.1.

hm… I don’t have it either on 2017.1

This is weird code block didn’t work either.

Here’s why:

And here’s how:


I wouldnt be upset if dynamo would be shutdown by Autodesk. ( To tell the truth I would be upset) But to lose a nice, kind, sharing and information mining community like this would be too bad. Thanks for this fast solution. You guys rock.


After having some more issues and great consulting by @Andreas_Dieckmann, this last solution solved my problem entirely.

That solution just returns the wall types as they have been defined in the project. What I’m looking for is something that finds the stacked walls that have been placed in a model.
Why does the retrieval of the “Family” parameter value for walls show the “Type” value?

The “All Elements of Category” blows right past the stacked wall definition and returns the “nested” walls that make up it’s composition.

It doesn’t show the type value, type name and family name are different things. Try this:

select stacked walls 170512.dyn (7.0 KB)

Btw, in my opinion your question should be posted as a seperately.


Hi , this is brilliant !! so happy to find this . Only one Question - the ‘All Elements of Family Type+’ is from what package ? I found a similar yet different one in clockwork - image
Is it the same just an updated clockwork version ? Thanks

Yep, just an updated version with an additional (optional) input.

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hello i want to use your script but i have some issues , so if u can help !!


Clockwork package I assume.

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Thank you … I have one more Question … How can i override fill pattern for each type of stacked walls and tag them?