Splitting topics and locking is poorly administered

Can I suggest the following improvements to the community administrators:

Splitting topics:

  • Only split when a new question is added to a thread that isn’t relevant to the OP or after 1 month (some long period of time) of the previous post or where its completely different to the OP
  • Organised in chronological order
  • Add a reference in the OP so everyone knows where it was branched

Locking topics:

  • Done when a subject in discussion has been borne out. Just because a solution has been assigned, doesn’t mean its a forgone conclusion

For example, an interesting post on the Python IDE has now been bastardised as a result of splitting the thread and the comments don’t even follow chronological order. To make matter worse, its been locked and the thread hasn’t even reached its logical conclusion - now the thread is going to be fragmented more since the only option is to create a new post just to respond.
Its not the first time the community administrators have made a pigs ear of things or acted inconsistently; its about time some rule’s were hammered out.

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I asked to split the post, since @Konrad_K_Sobon answered the first part… Python IDE is as it should be!

But the new post got messed up… and cant be fixed anymore, thats why it got closed. No one did it to harm anyone so your critique is totally out of order!

@Gui_Talarico solved the problem and the solution is very efficient.

The VS problem should never have been a part of the discussion, it has no coherency to intillisense/autocomplete in a lightweight environment, but no one can control what users reply and posts ends moving in other directions than supposed to, thats just how it is.
Issues concerning Visual Studio should be put in another post, please create a new post if that is the case.

That whole Python IDE discussion was surely not exhausted. I can see at least few more people chiming in on that. I know people got this to work with Emacs and some other IDE’s. Why prevent them from having a chance to chime in.

That is correct, but the post ended as a mess… no one is to blame.
The critique on that specific post was out of order in my opinion

So why not start a new clean post and move on without this critique.

We are all entitled to an opinion. I might not like the tone of it, but that’s not actionable per se. Leave it be please. No one is attacking anyone here. Again, @Thomas_Mahon makes a fair point. Let’s leave it at that.