Splitting Pips at coordinates Points


how could I split pips at coordinates Point Imported from excel in Revit by Dynamo script
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Thank you!

@omaraji585 ,

Can you show what you did so far?



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Thank you for your response
the workflow run completed Without Errors but it didn’t make the split at the point that i insert it from the Excel in my Revit Model

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@omaraji585 ,

GeniusLoci does the job!

Thank you for your help, but it didn’t work.

I have Coordinates Points in the excel file.
what I need to do is at every single Point location make split to the pip.

Hello @omaraji585 could something help…

Thank you, but in my Revit model i just have Pips to split and the point is locate in the pip.
may you have an example for this please

Hi Try to take a search here there should be a lof of examples . here is one…

Might want to make sure the point lists corresponds to the pipe list (ie point 1 is the split got pipe 1, etc). Considering the collection method I have my doubts.

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Thank you
This worked for specific Length 1500 I need it by coordinates Points that I gave it from the excel file

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allright do you only have one split pr. pipe ? and how many pipes do you have ? could you show your graph with all nodes expanded

in some point i can see split but not at all point

Hi are you sure these points is on the pipe location line…if not try with closest point to…so you are sure they touch

Hello @omaraji585 I assume you will split each pipe in 16 pieces…if so something could work…

PS if it not what you want or doesnt work then share your files here…just a sample…

Think this is a ‘point has to match the pipe’ issue. In the example dataset provided add a List.Flatten and a List.Shuffle to the points list for an example of what I believe the issue to be.

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Yeah agree…he need to find out which pipe the points belong to probably some intersect could help…