Splitting Pips at coordinates Points

sorry i cannot share the fil

e because i am a new user
where should add the list flatten could you tell me

You can use another file sharing service, such as dropbox, google drive, box, onedrive, etc…

It may be that you’re no longer new due to the frequency of posting in this thread, so you may want to try once more first though.


Hi Omar havent test on your daraset…you know time ;)…but i think something here try play around with it…

tessset.dyn (56.9 KB)
testpipe.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Thank you very much Mr. Sovitek For your Time :slightly_smiling_face:
I use Revit 2022 It shows me unresloved error
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Should i add a new Parameter in my project for the node (curve.pointatparameter)
:slight_smile: Thank you for your help

No problem…you need to replace hthe export node with the one you have in the library…dont run both graph at once first export then freeze the graph and run import…

Yes so it fit where you wanna split, you could try use point at segment length…better control

you are right the point that i export it from the Revit are different from the point i export it from AutoCAD By Data extraction

i think i have a problem with the Base Point between AutoCAD and Revit

Yeps sounds like that its best if they share origin…if not you need some relocate or transform…btw with these acad points you will miss a z point i guess…then you could create a plane at parameter on the acad lines and then intersect the plane probably or closest point to ;)… hope it will work for you…good luck

Thank you :slight_smile: