Split Terrain with imported AutoCad Polylines


I am attempting to split Revit terrain with imported .DWG polylines. Is there a way to do this without Python or Design Script?

I import my .DWG with ‘file path’ and convert to ‘importObject.ConvertToGeometry’.

This get the polylines, but how can I split the topo?

One way is to convert the topo to a mesh, split, and convert the mass to polysurface with ‘Topo from points’.

As I am creating roads, when I create the topography, I am not getting clean edges that I would get if I split the geometry natively in Revit. I have many roads, so this is not how I want to do it.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your advice,

I am actually looking to split the topo in dynamo rather than project the Crvs onto the topo.

Splitting the topo would be ideal so that I can insert flat roads modeled in another software. (See Attached).

I want to do this is so that I can quickly update the Revit model topo if I change the roads as there are so many and it takes much too long to cut them manually with REvit’s ‘split surface’.

(See Attached) I tried cutting the topo after I converted it to a mesh with the mesh toookit, but that is not working. Furthermore, I don’t think that I would be able to create separate topos after the conversion from mesh to topoFromPts.

Is this possible? Or are the topography editing capabilities of Dynamo not developed yet?

I am fairly certain this will only be doable with some python efforts.

One Node only method is to split the geometry using a solid.
This still results in a little bit of “Manual Labour” removing the automatic Revit Topography edge closure errors (not sure a way around this, possibly bump up the reference points…)
Should be something to start from :wink:


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Sorry for the late response (was logged into my work account and didn’t see this).

Thanks for sharing, this is fantastic. Nice work!

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Thanks :grinning:
Did this workfow perform well enough to be considered a solution? If so, can you please mark this as such, to help others in the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: