Create Topography from Mesh

Hey guys,

First time posting here. I have a mesh that has opening in it and i am trying to create a topography from it.

I have tried getting mesh vertices and using Topography.ByPoints to create topography. But this method doesnt allow for openings.

Is there any way I can create the topography directly from Mesh? Or any other way I can achieve this?

I looked through the forum but couldnt find anything that can help with this. Any help is welcomed.

Using Revit natively, you’d have to create the topo like that and then do a Split Surface and then delete the middle one. I don’t think Dynamo can get around that limitation, and I don’t think the Split Surface tool is exposed in the API. You can vote for it here:


I see. Interestingly, creating a topography from mesh is possible in Grasshopper inside Revit. But the output topography is not editable :slight_smile:

Yes I believe that would yield a direct shape or freeform object which is a bit different to a topography. You could always create subregions after using Dynamo by making the topography and then collecting any loops in the base sketch which are smaller in area than the outer loop. Usually I’d do this computationally by getting naked mesh edges, flattening them down to the XY plane and grouping them into closed curves, measuring their area, sorting them by that and then using List.Deconstruct to take the biggest/rest.

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I’d go this route and then insert a building pad rather than splitting the surface.

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