Split Pipes by level

Thank you for your time @honeyjain619 !
The article you referred me to was a great help I managed to create scripts for splitting pipes and flex plipes ! Thanks a lot ! if anyone wants the scripts just leave a comment ! =) Thanks again !

Hi @deejaypein create a pipe by line or split existing pipe is not the same things/workflow. What is the object title of your post ? . Cheers

Good morning to you my friend !
The ultimate goal is to split pipes and flex pipes ! for the regular pipes you can split them using the split command ! but for the flexpipe you cant use that ! so i had to create new curves and new flex pipes based on the split original ones than delete the original ones ! Thats how the article he referred me to helped !

Hi @deejaypein your title refers how to split pipe (not flex pipe) it means you have already the pipes drawed and you want to split this pipes by level.
For the community it’s s important clarify the title if another user search the topics for split pipes. Maybe @JacobSmall can modify the title (create pipes by line or something similar).


Looks like the graph here starts with getting all pipes in the project, and dividing them by the level plane intersections, which would mean that pipes (flex or otherwise) are being split. My guess is the split curves become curves for new pipes after deleting the old ones which crossed levels, so pipes (flex or otherwise) are being split by level.

However since the language in use (French?) isn’t one I speak, I may be way off base (that could say skateboard ramps for all I know). If so let me know and the title can be edited.

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Hi @JacobSmall thanks for your reply, I think that if you delete a old pipe to recreate a new one, you lose some parameters for e.g. comments/marks/connections/workset. The question how to split pipes has already been solved by @Alban_de_Chasteigner

and by @maciek.glowka


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Could I get a copy of this script? Does it work for duct as well?

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Of course mate ! here it is !

Split pipes by level SITS.dyn (37.1 KB)

I have to mention that you have to run it multiple times until you won’t have any unsliced pipes !

Thank you so much. I will giv eit a try. Is it ok if I have some questions later on?

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I’ll gladly take any question ! =)

The download is saying the file is corrupt. Could you resend?

It is likely that it was written in a newer version of Dynamo than you are using. Make sure you are on Dynamo 2.0.4 or newer. Check DynamoBuilds.com for the exe installer if needed.

That worked thank you

I ran the script on a test project with a few pipes crossing the “Levels” in the project. Are there inputs I need to add first, prior to running the player?

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Sorry for the late response here i fixed some issues with the script ! you have to use Dynamo 2.0.4 or later ! Let me know of any inconveinience

Split pipes by level.dyn (40.5 KB)

Thank you. Below is a screenshot of a revit file (2019) with a few pipes that cross the levels, I added a structural floor at one level not knowing if it was required or not (or if the script uses the levels themselves). Could you walk me through running the script? I ran the script as seen in this image but pipes did not split. Thank you! If best could we meet on Teams?

The script actually uses the levels . No need to create floors ! I think you have to make some changes on the script because i’m using the french version of revit ! can you open the script in dynamo and post a screenshot so i can guide you with the changes !

The red blocks mean you have missing packages ! you need to add some packages to your dynamo so the script can work ! The packages you need to install are Genius Loci and Bakery ! if you want help installing the packages just tell me !