Issue with creating Flex pipe by points

Hi Community,

I have tried for creating Flex pipes using points and CAD links.

Scripts runs without error but only model lines are created instead of flex pipes.

Please guide me, I am new for Revit & dynamo

I have attached sample files as well.

Test.rvt (2.3 MB)
Flex Pipes from Line.dyn (41.1 KB)
CAD.dwg (37.2 KB)

Hi @pjangid81

I took a look at your script and everything seems fine except the SystemType and the FlexType

The FlexCurve.ByPoints can create 2 types of Flex Elements (Flex Pipes and Flex Ducts). They have different MEP System Functions. You can also check this out by drawing a Flex Pipe in Revit.

For the FlexCurve.ByPoints you need to provide one of these Types.
You will find them Using the MEPSystemType ElementType

The script should work now

Flex Pipes from Line_JVH.dyn (31.8 KB)