Pipe by lines help

hey everyone, im trying to split pipes at a certain length. I read on the for you cant really split revit elements. I dont know if this is still true… but please let me know if that has changed.

Anyways i was thinking of a way around this and i found Pipe.byLines from MEPover. So i firgured i would just split the curves at segment lengths and then create new pipes. However… I dont know what im doing wrong. its only making one pipe instead of my split curves… i know its something simple. i just dont know whats wrong. Please see below

This hasn’t changed.

Lacing matters. Try setting it to ‘longest’ and see what happens.

i tried longest and got the same result. Sorry i should have put that in my original post.

I would use the dyno tools split pipe by parts but it causes problems with other packages i have installed.

hmmm… @L1 for the other inputs? If not, provide a sample RVT (3 pipes to split) and a simplified DYN.

btw thanks for the quick responses.

i tried that as well as choping the lists and using @L2

split pipes.dyn (41.8 KB)

NVM i got it… lol still dont know why this way works and the other doesnt but here it is… ¯_(ツ)_/¯