Split pipe and place a fitting at certain length won't work

I’m trying to split a pipe at a certain length and place a fitting(coupling) on the split.
I have tried several things but i can’t get any further with the script.
After some modifications i won’t get any error but there is no split and no coupling placed. I think the problem is within the lists because in Element.Location+ i have values but these values from the list won’t get back in the node for Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFrompoint.

Here are the values zero.

My latest script is below.

coupling pipe fitting 1.dyn (20.5 KB)

The packages that i’m using for it are:
Dynatools version 2018.1.15
Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x version 2.1.2
and the standard dynamo packages

Please can anyone help me

It’s “points”
Try to add “chop” before split pipe node

it appears your segment length is at zero? giving you a point that is the same enDpoint of the pipe.
try a different segment length to get a split. something more than 0 :slight_smile:

remove Transaction.End.
Directly join getitem at index to Tools.split pipe by points.
It should solve

I have deleted Transaction.end node and change the code block value for segmentlength to 0.5.

Now i get more points at the other nodes but at the end i still have a ptbreak error on the Tools.splitpipebypoints.

How can is solve the last error.

I have solve the error with ptbreak.

The value of 0.5 was to small. See picture when i put a bigger value in it

Now i tought that the tool would also place couplings in it but it only split the pipe.

How can i place also a coupling on these points. See picture what happens now.