Rotating elements around a point/Moving my base point in dynamo

Hello guys, so i’m using a custom node (Elements.rotate), and it has as inputs [Elements; Angles; Axis(vector)].

i’m inputing my axis as the Zaxis vector

So i’m trying to create a dynamo routine that georreference my pointclouds (which i work as links, so i have to rotate it as an element), and when i try to rotate it, it seems to rotate around some point which i guess its my origin (0, 0, 0) OR my project base point, didn’t had time to test which one yet.,…

so, my question really is: How do i move my origin on dynamo? and what about my project base point? Is there a node for this? I really couldn’t find anything


I Tried your method, using my node for rotating elements instead of the FamilyInstance.SetRotation, but it didn’t work…

Does anyone know how can i create a vector AT a given point? I tried to create it with (x, y, z) and (x, y, z+1), being (x, y, z) the point i want to be the base of my rotation, but had no luck, it seems to create the vector at the origin nevertheless.

Ok so I figured I should just rotate my project before moving, now its working fine for the X and Y coordinate, but i got another problem:

My element now doesn’t go up in the Zaxis, even though it has a Z value… Any idea about why?

Another problem that I got, is that i’m using my base point and my survey point to get the first coordinates to start my routine (i place my base point on top of the first survey point i got in field, and my survey on the second), but then when i georreference my element, it go VERY far away from the start point, (like, from (0, 0, 0) to (7396853.254, 329163.69, -4??), and i can’t draw on top of this, cause it don’t let me zoom in enough, the lines dont get correctly located (i’m guessing its because the element is too far away from the base point), is there a way of me placing the Base point and survey point again on top of my element WHITOUT changing the coordinate system?