Specify which parameter goes to a specific family/category


I’m trying to get parameters from spaces from a linked model to my duct accessories. I want to do this because I will make schedules where I can see the information from the spaces on the duct accessory-schedule.

My problem is: Can I get the exact parameter-value from one of the spaces to the duct accessory placed in that space?

Hi Christian,

Can you highlight your issue which spaces your trying to get values from?

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Hello Kulkul,

it is all the spaces. They all have the parameter “Ventilation - Rumstyring”, they are just different from space to space. I need my duct accessory in, for instance, Space 1 to get the value from that space.

Example, as it is right now:
Duct Accessory 1 is placed inside the Space 1.
Space 1’s “Ventilation - Rumstyring” parameter-value is OTV,
Duct Accessory 1’s “Ventilation . Rumstyring” parameter-value SHOULD BE OTV but it isn’t. It is something else.