Room/Space Parameters

Hi All,

Does anybody know if it is possible to access the Room or Space parameters for a family type that would be inserted into a Room or Space, such as Mechanical Equipment?

They are not listed if I use Element.Parameters node but I can see them in Revit if I try to create a Mechanical Equipment Schedule (but I need to specify I am looking for the Mech equipment’s Space parameters by selection ‘Space’ in the “Select available fields from:” lists in the bottom left of the dialogue).

My reason for asking is that I am trying to select only the mechanical equipment modelled in any particular space.

Any help very much appreciated!



Hi Andrew,

Are you trying to obtain Project/Shared parameter data from a family? And then use this data to search for “All” families with that parameter?


Hi Danny,

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to access System parameters that are added to certain families to allow them to be scheduled by room or space.

I have tried what you suggested above but unfortunately no Space or Room parameters are listed in my watch node (I can’t display the whole list in the pic but they’re not there)? However, you seem to get ‘Room Name’ and ‘Room Number’ in your example which is the info I am looking for (although I ideally want the Space equivalents) so I am a little confused?

From the list, it looks like I only get parameters that are either listed in the properties dialogue box or some of the families physical properties such as ‘Area’ and ‘Volume’. What family category did you use to create the example in your post?

No Space- Revit

No Space

Hi Adrian,

The first image with the red highlighted box is the automatic Room Name and Number, while the Blue box is the manually inputted Room Name and Number. As you see in the Dynamo script I was only able to grab the manually inputted data you assign in the Family properties window.







I’m unsure if you are able to grab the automatic Room Name and Number, however someone with more experience might know of an answer.

Hi Danny,

That is as far as I got. Thanks anyway for your efforts.

As you say, hopefully somebody else may have the knowledge necessary to unlock the problem.

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Hi all,


current workaround is to get the family instance point location and check if that is in the geometry boundingbox of the chosen space.

If that instance happens to be in there, we culled the item from the list of all family instances and manipulated the properties.

family in space