SpatialElementBoundaryOptions Constructor

I am trying to find an explanation for SpatialElementBoundaryOptions(), in terms of what it is used for and why…

I found this link in Revit API Docs
I find it not really informative in that only a very short syntax is written without providing any explanations.

I need API documentation that looks like an explanatory dictionary, the same thing as when you search for websites such as W3Schools, MDN, Python, etc.

Any advice for a more clear self learning resource would be appreciated


That object is used when calculating location of boundaries for spatial elements ie. Rooms/Spaces/Areas. So Room boundaries are constrained by Walls for example. Whether the Wall stops the Room at its face or for example center of the Wall, can be set using this class. This is used when getting Boundary objects for a Room for example. These boundaries are calculated on a fly so you can get Room boundaries at wall center, even if they are currently in Revit set to Finish face. That’s what this is used for.