Room.CenterBoundary equivalent


I want to use the Room.CenterBoundary but with MEP Space.

I tried to get element geometry, then boundary but i can’t find the center boundary.

How could I do a work around to get this ?

Try this,


Hello Steven, thank you for your reply but in this projet we use MEP Spaces instead of Rooms.

So I managed to do it this way :

Is that giving you what you want? A bounding box would is just that a square box. Room.CenterBoundary is the center line of the rooms bounding elements and will hold true to the shape of the room.

I was thinking you could pull the rooms from the architecture model like this. (I think you need archi-lab and springs.nodes)

If what you are doing is giving you the results you need then please mark this post as solved.

Yes, thanks to the node “BoundingBox.PerimeterCurvesByNormal”.

I will mark it up.

Thank you !