Spatial Fields

Help: I’m trying to decipher what some of these Analyze Spatial Field nodes do, or what sort of input they are requiring and haven’t really been able to wrap my brain around it. Does anyone have examples yet that they could share?

Wow... thanks Peter. This is a really good push in the direction I needed. I very much appreciate the examples.

Here's an example output:

Hi Sean,

There are several nodes in 0.6.1 with a prefix "Display Analysis x". They are responsible for showing analysis results in the Revit view using the Analysis Visualization Framework.

In order to use them, I recommend first making your own Analysis Display Style. This can be done by using the Analysis Display Styles dialog which can be found in the properties menu in the project environment.

The following workflow can be used to create colored points from analysis results in the project environment.

The "n" input takes a number of inputs corresponding to the number of values stored per point. If you are using Display Analysis Vectors - this should be 3, as there will be 3 values stored per analysis point. In this case, I pass in 1 as Display Analysis Points will only need a single value per analysis point.