Spacing in excell sheets

I want there to be exaclty 10 spaces between these two… or overall 18 spaces including the first element.

so when i add Fia-435253 + 10 spaces i get total of 18

after the 18th space there should be a tab and another space


similar to the first one

String.PadRight node will help here.

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it helps with the spaces…but the Tab is the problem here…its a delimeter…how do i insert tabs in dynamo

In a code block:

A+ ”tab” + B

The tab text is the tab, quotes need to stay. I can’t use a tab as I’m on a mobile device.

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Space add.dyn (16.9 KB)

I need to loop this to get a column of data…how do i do it??

List.GetItemAtIndex with lacing set correctly. Or List.Transpose followed by List.GetItemAtIndex.

You should review the primer in its entirety as many of your recent questions are covered in there, and you’re going to hit many walls like this otherwise.

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