Setting Parameters from Excel

I seem to be going round in circles so I figure its time to ask for help :slight_smile:

I am just doing a proof of concept where I hope to:

  • Take an excel file that has Space Number in one column and Number of People in another
  • Find the correct space in the model from the Space Number column and input the data from the Number of People column
I have no trouble getting the excel info into Dynamo and making lists of it (lists everywhere...) but I seem to be stuck with a whole bunch of space numbers in one list and a bunch of numbers of people in another, I could try to input the Number of People into the spaces using setparameter but that doesnt give me the correct spaces, the order would be different (At least the way I am doing it).

Should I be using Python Script for this? any pointers for a newbie?

I know its a very broad question (maybe multiple questions) so I am sorry about that, but I just need winding up and pointing in the right direction normally :slight_smile:


Hello DREW,

this video will help you to export import to and from excel :

you can share your code so I can see where is exacltly the error

This seems to be exactly the same issue I’m having…

The order in the Space Number list corresponds with the order in the Number of People list?

If so, there shouldn’t be a problem and maybe not much else to do to achieve the desired outcome.

Would be easier to resolve the issue if you could share your definition.

Have you tried SortByKey?