Space planning using area

Hello everyone,
I’d like to write a script to make multiple space planning option starting from building’s perimeter.
This is the first step:

Now I’d like to divide this area in more space. For example I’d like to fill it with two region of 40mq and one of 70mq.
Any idea?

Your graph is not readable.

Nobody have an idea?


I think there are lots of different approaches to your question. I’m not exactly sure what you want to achieve, but I attached a graph where your input is the area of the building, the width of the building and the centre point.
The output is a polycurve representing the building’s perimeter.

Hope you can apply it to solve your problem.

SpatialPlanning.dyn (14.0 KB)

Hi haaba,
the problem is not to built a rectangle but subdivide it in different area:
For example if I have a 50mq rectangle I’d like to subdivide it in 2 region of 20mq and 1 region of 10mq


The DynaShape package is might what you are looking for.

I’ve already seen that package but it uses circle to define areas

Take a look at dynamo Refinery, not sure if it helps…