Having some fun with dynashapes

I am not sure it’s really of any use to me but it was fun I thought maybe some of you would be interested.

I put together a list of apartments each with different rooms in them:

Then I put it into dynamo and used the Dynashapes nodes to get a nice bubble layout.

I played with the sliders a bit to untangle the bubbles. I also found it hilarious to set the, ‘boundary strength’ to 0 and watch the bubbles float away (I need to get out more…)

I wanted the rooms to be room like and not bubbles. As cool as circular rooms would be it’s not something I think the average builder would build… So I put squares in place of the circles.

Finished layout

FHdynaspace.dyn (110.4 KB)

For some reason it won’t let me add the csv file. :neutral_face:


I like it, it’s a shame that i can’t read the node names, can you click the camera icon instead of a screendump? i’m too lazy to download and open the .dyn.


Could you post the support files as well? I tried recreating everything myself but it’s not working.

Change the extension to ‘txt’. :slight_smile:

FH.txt (1.3 KB)

So you’ll need to rename that one .csv I assume ^^

And here’s a screen shot Marcel. :smiley:

Nick I dunno if you’ve used dynashapes but I suggest loading in the data. I found it temperamental so plugging this in and out seemed to help

Then making sure reset is false and execute is true.

Putting boundary strength onto 0 is kinda fun for a few seconds. :laughing:

Then if it doesn’t untangle I found putting the sphere collision strength really low to start and putting it up in increments helped.

When you’re happy with the bubbles set execute to false and the rectangles should appear. Sometimes the bubbles stay visible unless you unplug some nodes and replug them in later in the stream.

Ah, I should add… You need a property line drawn in Revit that you’ve selected with, “Select Model Element” OR some points to form your enclosing shape.

The rectangle I used was 54560mm x 13692mm.

And I keep saying dynashape but it’s dynaspace, they’re related though?


Look into new Sparrow package,
There’s some packing nodes too.

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I’ve had a look. Nice package, some great nodes.
However, the packing nodes only seem useful if you’ve got 1 size ‘box’ and 1 size of item. If you put more than 1 size in you just get overlaps. Closer inspection shows it is separating them in lists (but not graphically like it does with only one type of item) but it doesn’t want to put different items in the same box.