Space Planning on Existing Site Plan


I’m working on space planning, where the idea is:

  • extract list of information of departments + its required area according to the given number of workers
  • plot into the existing site plan and provide possible layouts in revit.

I’m assuming one would have to work with generative design… I’m familiar with dynamo but I’m pretty new to generative design and have never worked with refinery before.
I’ve seen some examples but not necessarily similar to the circumstances I have with plotting within the boundaries of the existing site.

Does anyone have any insights how this could be done?

You’ll have to scale stuff up for your use case, but this video has almost all of the concepts needed to do 2d space planning on a site, including:

  • Additive mass by association
  • Putting the additive masses into position on the site
  • Evaluating the fit, and some site context metrics

You’ll want to look into permutating your lists of spaces, (rooms by suite, then suites by department, then departments by building). My AU session in 2020 covered that.

At some point you’ll likely want to lay stuff out around a corridor not about each other, I recommend sampling a few points on the surface to define a PolyCurve which you convert to a hall using a PolyCurve.ByThickeningCurveNormal.

Things get tougher in 3d (for obvious reasons), but you can likely work it out just as well. if you get stuck, post a full data set and what you’ve tried with Dynamo and I’ll see if I can provide some guidance.