How to convert space planning code to refinery

Hellow everyone, i am currently working this space planning code for my project. And i now, i want to transfer this sample code to refinery. How should set for the input and output in order to create generative design on refinery? Link:

Right click the Inputs and Outputs - Set to Is Input and Is Output:

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After i set one of the number slider to output, my generative design result becomes like this which is not what i want. All the circle should be inside the polygon.

Your inputs should be all the inputs nodes (Number slider) which are on left side of the graph and output should be last node (Watch node) on the right side of the graph. If it’s till doesn’t work for you then drop dyn file here. I will make video to explain you better.

I cannot send the file directly through this website, as i am new user. Can i send it through you email if it is possible.

The sample file you can download directly from this web:

Any one can help me ???

The circles previewed in dynamo belongs to the dynashape node. Maybe you need to redraw the circles as geometry using the data and give colors.