Space Planning - From Mass to Rooms


With the help of a lot of contents on this forum, and obviously Kyle Martin’s workflow for generating Masses from an Excel File, we replicate the Space Planning workflow described there

We are now trying to generate Walls around masses before to transfer data to the Room elements.

We are now at this step :
We get all the boundaries of the Masses, and now we wan’t to have just a new line in the middle of each paralel lines that are distants from less than a certain Wall thickness distance
First Try is to check is the lines are parallel and if they are distant more than the offset distance

But this doesn’t Work … Is this the good way to do that ? or is there any other way to achieve such a comparison ?

( Subsidiary question : I cannot understand why the preview of the model that seems to have 12 lines, shows only Four


We well be gratefull for any help …
WIP - Mass to Walls.dyn (52.8 KB)
3 Mass to Walls.rvt (1.7 MB)

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@d.sellam See if this helps
wallsFromMass.dyn (71.8 KB)

It creates this in your Revit file…

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Thank you very much @Vikram_Subbaiah, now I need to find solutions to only compare closest lines (by level, by zone …) because in a real model, there are so many lines to compare that Revit crashs…

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I’ll let you figure out ways to handle levels and zones.
Below is a modifies graph that measures distances instead of Geometry.Intersect
Hopefully won’t crash Revit.
wallsFromMass1.dyn (56.2 KB)

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