Space planning code not available for 'L' shape polygon, is there any other solution to it?

Which node/workflow is this?

This is the code that i found from this link: And i try to modify the polygon to ‘L’ shape. After i set ‘reset’ to true and set ‘execute’ to false. The problem which i have mentioned was occurred.

As noted in the graph you’re replicating/using, the boundary polygon must be convex. @LongNguyen may have some ideas, but my guess is that you’ll want to explore one of the many other methods available, or look at dividing your shape into two sections.

Based on what i heard, there is some problem about the ‘BoundaryVertices’ Under ‘Engie.execute’.

Actually, i tried to divide the shape into two sections by duplicate the code and adjust to two rectangles. But there when i try to run both code at the same time, my Dynamo crashed.

As you can see, i can only control either of the codes. If i control two codes at the same time, my dynamo will crash


I am doing the same thing for converting concave into convex polygon. Did you ever got a solution to this?