Space - Air Flow

Can anybody try to describe the difference between Exhaust air and Return air??


I had already read that, but i stil dont understand. but i dont understand what exhaust air is, because supply air and return air is directly connected to the ventilation plant, but what do exhaust air do??

I guess that return air goes to your air handling unit, while exaust air goes outside the building? liek toilets, kitchens… or are you asking what the parameter does in revit?

If this is the case, my guess is that it’s in reference to the make-up air requirements for the space based on the difference between supply air and return/exhaust.

I don’t see how this is Dynamo related…

You want to use data from parameters of spaces in dynamo?

It needs to be phrased as a Dynamo question. This is a Dynamo forum after all.
Explain what you’re trying to do. Explain what issues you’re having. Show us what you’ve attempted.