Sorting List of Lists

I’m pretty stuck. Does anyone know a way to sort a group of lists by one of the individual index values? I need to have the list groups sorted by the item #1 value, highest to lowest, or lowest to highest, it doesn’t matter which… —(Each of these lists represents a baluster post, with its various parameter values. Post Length, Bottom Cut Angle, etc… As dynamo sorts default by creation order, I can pull all these values and use list create/ list transpose to get the output format I want. Problem is, if I sort the post lengths before, they no longer match up with the correct post, as I took them out of the creation order)–

*puts on his best Shakespearean theatre voice*




That was the most poetic answer I could have asked for … and from first glance,
looks like exactly what I had been fumbling around looking for - Thank you Jacob

Glad the Bard and I could help.

If it works please mark the solution so others can learn from it in the future. :slight_smile:

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I changed the solution from @HDI-Administrator’s post #2 to @JacobSmall’s post which was the solution.

Cheers :wink:

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