Organize lists of lists - Based on index location


More trouble for me organizing lists. Thanks again for all your help so far.

I have a set of lists where at the value stored at index 7 of the sublist is not correctly organized. In my case, the element @ index 7 is the elevation. I would like to organize my sublists by the elevation marker(from lowest elevation to highest elevation). See in snapshot below, by (4) list of lists in improperly organized by elevation.


How can I organize my lists of lists based on elevation and drag all of the other pertinent information along with this information? See image above (there are 8 other parameters that need to move along with this information).

I thought that list.sortbykey node might do the trick, but I am getting lost in all of the syntax that I believe is required to do this operation. Any help would be appreciated.

If the dyn file or revit are needed to help clarify, please let me know and I can upload.


Just solved after more playing.

I added a sortindexbyvalue node and list.getitematindex node.

I still lose my train of thought in this logic, but it got the job done. I guess trial and error is one solution :slight_smile: