Area from material (with ootb nodes)

I’m trying to find a way to extract glass material from a window family. I can’t seem to find an easy way of doing this. I know that there’s a node from Clockwork that does this (Element.Material) but I like to try it on my own. I thought I could maybe creaty four points, create a curve and found at that way. But I can’t get a location… since it’s a material.

If anyone can point me in a direction here, I would appreciate it very much?

Maybe it’s good to mention that our firm is using an external firm to create all our families. None of the window/door families have information about the glass area built in to them (which would be the best option). This means all of our projects are missing this info. This is why I’m trying to create a script with the use of ootb nodes, it would make it easier for everybody to just run it with dynamoplayer without having to download packages.

Have you taken a look at this topic?

I did try the Element.Geometry node. But it gives me just an empty list. Otherwise, that would be a good way to go I think.

Hmm that is weird, what did you put it? the Family instances?

I get the material from the window element and filter out the glass material. So I have the glass material that I want. The Element.Geometry node doens’t want to take it. Maybe bescause it’s a material and not a Element?

This could be a way to find the glass area, but is there a way to figure out which solid that is the actual glass?


I think you misunderstood me last time. I was meaning to put the window element in Element.Geomtry. This will give you all the solids (like your last post)

Then measure the volumes of all the solid and parallel to that, measure the material volumes with Clockworks Material + node (See other post I mentioned)

Next and final, find the solid with the same volume as the glass volume, and you will have the right solid


I also did the next steps:
GetGlassAreaInWindow.dyn (43.5 KB)

Hello and thanks for replaying! That’s my problem, the windows consist of one or more solids that is glass material… Hmmm, I’m out of ideas here!

GRRR… okay, that is fixable.

the simple way is to introduce a slider which indicates how many glass panels their are, this makes the proces easier.

I made a slider which indicates how many glass panels there are, you have to do this manually or this is getting more complex.

Next I generate all combinations possible of the solids within a range of the number of panels.
Lets say: you have a family containing 4 solids( s1, s2, s3, s4) and I know I have 2 panels which are glass. I generate the combinations (S1, S2) (S1,S3) (S1,S4) (S2,S3) (S2,S4) (S3, S4).

Then I calculate the combined total volume of each pair, which should somewhere we the same as the total volume of glass, then we have the (in this case) 2 solids representing the class.

I hope this is a bit clear…

GetGlassAreaInWindow.dyn (66.8 KB)