[Solved] Revit & Dynamo: How to cut anything with topography

Hello All,
I tried to follow Jostein Berger Olsen video to cut anything with topography, and with full thanks he replied me with very appreciated points.
I followed his comments but still some problems need some help:
1- in dynamo it is created booth of topo & box together without cutting.
2- in revit it is created also both of them, but as draft (I couldn’t select the objects)
3- the category of family not appear in family stack.

thanks in advanced

and this is my trial

Hi, the orange geometry you see in Revit is dynamos Revit preview. You can turn this off under Edit in the Dynamo menues I believe. (Not at computer right now…)
Also, can you put a watch node after the Faminstance node and show us?

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after some changing as shown in attached screenshots it was created small surface out of border of the 4 lines

in my opinion the problem is in the previous step “Geometry.Split”

Hi @eng.nabeels

It is working from my side.

Here is the dyn file Geometry split.dyn (5.2 KB)

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Hi, you can’t split the solid if the surface doesn’t cut the whole of your solid, unfortunately.


thanks all,
really I appreciate your helpful comments .
done ,I mixed between Jostein & Kulkul comments and come up with good solution and work properly as shown:

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Thank you for this post.
I have follow all the script as shown here, but haven been able to see the instance family in the revit project browser. I dont see any preview on the revit window either. please help

Thank you