Cutting Extra solid with void family which lies below the linked Topography from Civil 3D

Hi everyone!!
I was trying to create a void family which follows the topography mesh and cuts the solid elements which lies below the topography. But unfortunately I am unable to find any solution for that, as the topography is linked from Civil 3D into the Revit. I have tried many things to achieve it but didn’t got the desired results. Now recently I came across Jostein Berger Olsen script, but in that also for Geometry split node I am getting only one solid rather then two as shown in below image

Also Mesh to polysurface node gives different results at different dynamo scaling, so for me it gives proper result at small scale in dynamo.
Also note that the topography follows the Geo co-ordinates which is linked into the Revit.

I am trying to find any solution for this since past one week. It would be great if someone helps me with it…
Thankyou for your time.

Hello @Shan_0502 try ampersands split tool could probably work…