Solved: Multi-Rebar Annotation

Hi guys,
We are released our Package to Dynamo Server.
• Rebar:

  • Retrieve all rebars in host
  • Retrieve Rebar Normal and True/False
    • Annotation:
  • Multi-Rebar Annotation
  • Create Dimension From ReferenceArray
    • Selection:
  • Pick Point
  • Select Duct, Pipe, Floor, Windo, Door, Rebar…by select rectangular region

How to use:
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Many thanks!


Hi! There’s a problem with ACO Package when downloading directly through Dynamo. All versions from 1.0.0 to 1.0.4 look almost empty. There are no files in “dyf” folder. Could You please check it and release a proper version of the package? Looking forward to check your solution.

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The ACOPackage dyn folder is empty.
Have you managed to solve this problem?

Thx guys

What version dynamo you use ?
Have you downloaded the correct version yet ?
Or you can download package at and copy to path package

That worked perfectly, looks like I was downloading the wrong one (ACO).
Thank’s mate

Hello! I tested this node (Annotation.MultiRebarAnnotation), and find out it doesn’t work for several rebars:( Could you upgrade this node with pacage?

Also (unfortunately) it doesn’t work for RebarInSystem :pensive:

@maksin Do you have any idea how to deal with it?

I have no idea how I should deal with it in dynamo. Answer in Revit API