Solid.Thinshell to Revit API

Hey everyone, i was trying to recreate the solid.thinshell method using revit api and i have had no luck… i know the dynamo geometry is not open source but i was trying using it for a current graph i was working on. Anyone know how to recreate it?

As far as I know, there is no method for this in the Revit API. Solid operations, like many of the are rather limited.

Can you give some more context of what you are after? One thought would be making walls/roofs/floors by face, generating a room at the centroid of the form, pulling the room’s solid into memory, and reverting the transaction which created the rooms.

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I want to use it to create beam clearances for fireproofing. I already have a dynamo graph that does it but i was curious if there was a way to do it in API as well.

Not that I am aware.

A more effective solution in terms of speed and performance would be to generate a new structural framing family which offsets the profile used to generate the main form, and host that. This can be done with a parametric fireproofing depth, and can be used in future projects rather easily (and won’t require a new solid for a 5’ long w10x12, and a second one for a 6’ long w10x12)…

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