Solid.difference fails

Hi all;
I am facing a situation at which solid.difference node fails for no apparent reason.
The two intersecting geometries were straight and i have tested them inside alias using " shell intersect tool" and it was done successfully. I tested them in catia, made a boolean intersect as closed parts, it again showed no trouble.
I attached two .SAT files for the geometries, may you check it yourselves.
Thanks so much.

Important, rename tire.sat to tire.wire, i made thais because by this moment, .wire files are not allowed to by uploaded directly by the forums.

Update: The reason that i made dents not directly by tools like “extrude as solids”, or “surface.thicken” because it generate very heavy surfaces. I made that twisty workflow to avoid this limitation.
Interestingly, using the previous automated tool, solid.difference was made successfully.
That is considered a fix to my issue, but it is still an universal issue to be considered.