Hi. I need some advice on my problem, I have watched this node doing by subtracting one solid from another, but in my work-file that didn’t, maybe whose has to some ideas? I need that red solid subtract the grey solid.

Hi, what is supplied to “others” gate? Are you sure it is a solid too?

Yes I am pretty sure it is two solids .These solids match each others. But I haven’t new solid on the entrance .

Would you mind showing whe result the node “Solid.DifferenceAll”? Maybe solids before and after subtraction are overlaping each other and you can’t properly see the result?

Can you share rvt file? And first, try to Solid.ByUnion+ (Clockwork package) that solids. If you’ll see errors, problem is geometry related.

I have opened the results in Civil but it looked the same as in Dynamo. They were not overlapping each other .

GetLandFeatureLines.dyn (130.9 KB)

Share RVT and we’ll try to find out bug.