Solid.BySweep2Rails Crashes Civil 3D

The title really says it all. I’m trying to model retaining walls that have different profiles for the footings and top of wall, so I’m using Solid.BySweep2Rails to sweep a cross section along the two profiles. It causes Civil 3D to crash every time, no matter if I’m running in Automatic or Manual mode. Any ideas?

Sweep each curve segment of the profiles along the guide curves then join them to create a solid at the end.

Hi @mzjensen

Possible to drop relevant dwg and dyn files?

@Kulkul - not very easily…there are a lot of other associated files as well. You can just try doing a basic sweep by rails and it should crash.

Looks good to me:


OK, so it works for a circle as the profile. But try some other type of closed polycurve. Here’s an example that crashes on my machine every time.

EDIT: this also crashes in Sandbox.

SweepByRails.dyn (17.9 KB)

Please report this issue here:

Done, here it is for tracking.

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