Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces error at Civil3D

Hi there,

I am creating a list of solids from featurelines of the embankment. For that I’ve succesfully modeled all the faces of each solid i want to generate.

Now the issue is no more related with Civil 3D, it is related with the Dynamo Geometry node Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces.

It doesn´t work properly. Sometimes it creates every solid with no trouble. Most of times it doesn´t. The following images represent it:

Control Stations each 50 meters

Control Stations each 40 meters

The warning given is;

Could anyone explain what is actually happening here?
Many thanks for your attention

(.dwg & .dyn) Files:

I didn’t run through all the details of your script, but I don’t think it’s a Dynamo issue. You’ll notice that the solids build correctly when your “Distance Between Stations” value matches the frequency in your corridor region (or a multiple of it). In your example, the corridor region frequency is set to 25m, so that’s why a 50m sampling distance works in your script. A distance of 25m works as well. If you change your corridor frequency to 20m, then a 40m sampling distance will work properly. So I think you need to make some adjustments to your script.

Also, I recommend keeping the geometry working range set to Medium instead of Extra Large since you are working in real-world coordinates. You will get the warnings in the script, but changing to Extra Large can create issues, as noted here:


That’s it!
Thank you so much, i didn’t have that in mind.

As well, thanks for the tip about geomtery working range as I did have problems with polycurves and didn’t know the reason.

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