Solid by union

Hi, I have a list containing multiple solid , I want to combine them to a one solid , I used the node union , but it doesn’t work , I tried to change the combination , but unfortunately that’s not working . any help please

Hi Assili Karim,

Do this changes and see if that works.

Hi Kulkul
Thank you for your suggestion , I tried this solution before and does it not working

Could you drop your dummy rvt file here? What are the elements and category?

I tried to verify if a family is intersected with some categories like wall and plumbing categories , it works perfectly with walls category but not with the plumbing .

Dynamo file :

intersection PMR V2.dyn (14.0 KB)

Revit file :

It is working fine from my side. Which Dynamo version your using?

it’s working fine with the wall category but not with plumbing category , I use the last version 1.1

I have same problem. Solid union create more than one solid.